FO Spokesperson underlines need for bridging gap b/w Pakistan, US

17219179741515602809Talking to a news channel, he said seeking common solution for reducing the gap emerged after the US President Donald Trump tweet, will be imperative for both the countries to move forward.

The Spokesperson said China, Turkey and other countries have also given statement in favour of Pakistan for playing role in war against terrorism. He said Pakistan held good relations with these countries.

Commenting on the matter of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, Dr. Muhammad Faisal said Kulbushan Jadhav had confessed his crime and involvement in the subversive and terrorist incidents.

He said many other people who had links with Indian espionage, were also arrested. We have highlighted this issue at all available international fora.

To a question regarding repatriation of Afghan refugees, the Spokesperson said the international community, including the United States, should play role in repatriation of refugees from Pakistan.

He said terrorist activities are being carried out from Afghan soil and that the elements are still involved in creating unrest in Pakistan.

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